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1. Are these software meet requirements of Indian standards for design of EOT Cranes ?
Yes. The softwares are in complete compliance with Indian Standards - 807 and 3177.

2. What is the maximum capacity of crane which can be designed with these software ?
There is no restriction on capacity of crane, span and class of duty. The limit is in top and bottom flanges (top and bottom plates) thickness. If the thickness of top / bottom plate will exceed 32 mm, the software will not work.

3. Are the design given by software is safe ?
Yes, the design is fully safe and meets all requirements of IS-807 / IS-3177.

4. The dimensions of box girder and end carriage given by software appear low and unsafe.
That is the advantage of computer and software. You get safe and economical design and not unnecessary heavy and expensive design.

5. Which crane manufacturers are using these software
Please see the lst of existing buyers and users on the first page of web site (Click on users list tab on first page).

6. How do I get support in running the software, if there is any difficulty ?
You will get 24 hours support by phone, email for any difficulty.

7. When are the software updated ?
The software are updated whenever IS-807 / IS-3177 is revised.

8. Whether I will get updated software free of cost ?
If there are minor changes, the updated software will be given free of cost.

9. Can the software prepare drawings.
No, only cross section drawings of box girder and end carriages are prepared by software.

10.Can the software design I beam type bridge girder.
No, These software for box type bridge girders and end carriages. However end carriages of double channel type can be designed

11. Do I get detailed calculations of design ?
Yes, Please see sample output (Click on See sample output tab on first page)

12. What is the price of software ?
For latest price information, please contact us by phone (09811459589, 07982547560) or email ( ) or whatsApp (9811459589)

13. What is the method of payment ?
Full advance payment by cheque / draft / electronic bank transfer. Please phone (09811459589, 07982547560) or email ( ) or whatsApp (9811459589) for bank details. The software CD / Pen-drive will be dispatched with in two working days by courier.

14. I have some more questions to ask ?
Please phone (09811459589, 07982547560) or email ( ) or whatsApp (9811459589) for answers.